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Adventure season!



Swing by our shop at Booth & Somerset

Our first priority is making sure any bike we sell you, fits you. It’s gotta be comfortable on any of your adventures and at any fitness levels.

Whether you’re commuting for 30 minutes or touring for 30 days, we’ll ensure you select the best bike for your riding style.

By telling us what you want and need your bike to do, we’ll help you find the brands that fit you best.

Have any special needs? No problem! We've been setting people up with the best bike experiences for more that a decade. We’ve got you covered.

See you soon!

Ultimate Urban People Mover

Yuba at Tall Tree


What's our story?

Tall Tree Cycles began more than a decade ago in a Westboro backyard garage surrounded by tall trees (get it?).

Thanks to our reputation for great repair work and the success of Steelwool, our steel road and urban bikes brand, Tall Tree Cycles wasn't in that garage for long. 

Ten years on, and a couple of moves later, Tall Tree has moved on to bigger and cooler things in our new Chinatown location!

We are open Tuesday to Saturday at the corner of Somerset and Booth streets.

Come in for a visit!