Folding bikes for bureaucrats and business

You'll be one of the coolest and most environmentally friendly bureaucrats or business people in town when you ride up to the office on a Brompton folding bike. 

Brompton bikes fold into small, portable and manageable packages that fit perfectly under your desk and are great for OC Transpo's Rack and Ride program, the O-Train or that empty cubicle next to yours. 

Each bike is handmade in London, England and can be customized to your needs, in a range of colours, gears, handlebars and other accessories. You can also ditch the backpack and stash your stuff in a Brompton bag. You'll be more comfortable, more ventilated, and more likely to enjoy your ride!

Whether you're an AS-01 or the Minister of Environment and Climate Change, swing by Tall Tree and we'll fit you up with the Brompton folding bike that's right for you - even in "stealth-bomber" materials (for you Canadian Forces-types). 

Let Tall Tree Cycles and Brompton folding bikes be your solution to living on-the-go.