Frog Bikes: From toddlers to teens we've got a sweet ride for your kid

 Photos: Frog Bikes

Photos: Frog Bikes

Getting your kids outside and away from the television screen or their mobile devices has never been easier than with Frog Bikes, available at Tall Tree Cycles. 

There is a Frog Bike to suit the needs and skills of kids of all ages because they set out to re-design kids' bikes. They created a light, but strong aluminum frame and hand-picked components that offer high performance without compromising the weight. 

For toddlers just starting out consider the Frog balance bike, a bike without pedals that’s a great alternative to using training wheels. Then there’s the Frog First Pedal bike to help kids build confidence before growing into the Frog Hybrid bike - perfect for the ride to school or through the forest. 

Like the folks at Frog Bikes, Tall Tree Cycles believes that the lighter the bike, the easier it is for kids to learn to ride, and to enjoy it more as they progress. The problem with many kids' bikes on the market is that weigh nearly as much as the child! 

Frog Bikes are now even easier for kids to pedal due to a unique crank design from the renowned bicycle engineer Dimitris Katsanis (of Team GB Olympic fame). Frog Bikes’ new design reduces the space between the pedals, letting kids push more directly down when cycling. This converts more of their energy into motion...making it easier for them keep up with their grownups. Only Frog Bikes puts this attention to detail into the design of kids' bikes.

Meet Frog Bikes' little adventurers: two brothers exploring the world on their Frog bikes. A celebration of how much fun children can have on their bikes, playing with their friends, riding through the woods, even finding buried treasure! And more than anything, the support and friendship that grows between brothers sharing their adventures.

TallTree Cycles is proud to be an official Frog Bikes retailer and we love helping parents develop avid young cyclists. Making that even easier is our Frog Bikes buy-back program that helps parents take kids from their current Frog Bike, to the next level. 

Swing by Tall Tree Cycles’ new location at 806 Somerset Street West, in Chinatown, and we'll connect you with the perfect Frog Bike for your little ones. 

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