Transit-ready: Brompton folding bikes available to order at Tall Tree Cycle



February’s unseasonably warm weather inspired a lot of cyclists to take their bikes out for pre-season spins across Ottawa. With the actual cycling season just around the corner, now is the perfect time to order your new ride from Tall Tree Cycles.

For those who love cycling and who support public transit use, we have the perfect bike for you and it’s one that OC Transpo management will also fall for too.

Tall Tree Cycles is Ottawa's official dealer  Brompton Folding Bicycle and we sell a lot of them. These beauties are perfect for your ride to work, errands around town...and for taking on public transit without earning you the scorn of fellow LRT riders or OC Transpo management.

The Brompton Folding Bicycle is designed to make riding a bike easy. It’ll free you from the routes and schedules of OC Transpo. It folds quickly, smoothly, and securely in just moments. Plus, it pays for itself in transit fares, gas and gym membership costs in a matter of months!


Brompton bikes

get you there fast and can go places other bikes can't (like under your seat). 

Unlike conventional bikes that take up a lot of space, the Brompton Folding Bicycle is made for commuting and it won’t earn you glares or stink-eye from fellow public transit users. The Brompton folds small enough to slip under your seat, put in an overhead bin or between your legs, as you stand in a crowded LRT or O-Train car.

Visit Tall Tree Cycles’ new location at 806 Somerset Street West, in Chinatown. We’ll get you hooked up with all you need for a great season of cycling.

Shawn Dearn