Where to buy Devinci, Brompton, Yuba, Frog, Surly and All City bikes in Ottawa

We’ve been hitting above 0° Celsius in the nation’s capital lately. Snow is melting. It’s raining. It’s freezing. It’s melting again.

This means bikes will soon emerge from Tall Tree Cycles’ winter bike storage to see their shadows and receive spring tune-ups. A big “Thank you!” to everyone who used Ottawa’s best bike storage this year!

Potholes and the gutter-gravel of dead snowbanks will soon test your cycling skills and NCC pathways will promise the usual random floods, fallen tree branches and ‘that smell,’ best described as ‘Eau de dog-park.’

Book a tune-up now so you’re ready to tackle whatever Ottawa-Gatineau streets and the NCC throw your way.

Want something new? Now’s the time to order a custom Steelwool or a new Devinci, Brompton, Frog, Yuba, Surly or All City bike at Tall Tree Cycles. By the time Ottawa, Gatineau and the NCC have cleaned the streets and bike paths, your new ride should have arrived and be ready to go.

We’ve been reorganizing the shop lately so that we can serve you better and be ready for the tune-up onslaught. Whether you’re picking up a new bike or buying affordable cycling accessories for the bike you already own, Tall Tree Cycles can help.

Ride on.