Steelwool by Tall Tree Cycles: Ottawa’s finest custom steel bikes.


Our fittings and dropouts are by Paragon, which has been making some of the highest quality precision bicycle frame components for 35 years. They allow us to use every modern component that you want to use.

Each custom Steelwool bike is made specifically for you and your body. All frames come with your choice of custom frame colours, to make for a completely unique, Canadian-made bicycle!

What’s the deal with steel?

Steel in our opinion, offers the best balance of performance, durability and flexibility in design for the price. New steel alloys have weights close to that of aluminum alloys, but with a far superior ride feel, with has almost unlimited fatigue resistance.

That means your Steelwool’s frame will have excellent performance - responsive yet comfortable - and be suitable for any type of riding for years to come.

Steelwool is Tall Tree Cycle’s house-brand of premier custom frames. For over ten years, Steelwool has been Ottawa’s premier option for Canadian-made steel gravel bikes, cyclocross, and sport-touring frames in Ottawa.

Every custom Steelwool is constructed using a selection of Colombus steel tubes and Paragon Machine Works fittings. Columbus steel has been at the heart and soul of high-performance cycling frames since Europe was emerging from the ashes of the Great War. Today, Columbus is the backbone of Steelwool.

A bike I enjoy riding on all kinds of terrain and will continue to enjoy for years to come. It is perfect in every way!
— RS